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Since 2007, Nicolae Titulescu University from Bucharest together with Nicolae Titulescu Foundation for Law and International Relations has organized the international conference entitled Challenges of the Knowledge Society (CKS), a scientific event dedicated to scientific research in the field of social sciences. Thus, in all its nine editions, the conference gathered a large number of research workers both from our country and from abroad (Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia, USA, Japan, Finland, Georgia, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Serbia, Kosovo, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc.).

CKS manifests interest in the following fields of study: juridical and economic studies, public administration, political sciences, European studies and international relations. These fields of study reflect the academic offer of Nicolae Titulescu University – with its three accredited faculties – at all graduate and postgraduate levels: Bachelor’ degree, Master’s degree and PhD study program.

The CKS Conference language is English.

Scientific papers submitted to every new CKS edition are published in the conference volume, CKS journal, once they are assessed by the scientific committee, which is set up yearly; the volume is periodically published by Nicolae Titulescu Publishing House. The CKS journal, the conference proceedings with ISSN number, is published by Nicolae Titulescu University Publishing House and, at present, is indexed in the following international data bases: EBSCO CEEAS, DOAJ and Index Copernicus. Moreover, a part of the submitted and accepted studies are published in Lex ET Scientia International Journal (LESIJ), the Nicolae Titulescu University periodical, which has been indexed as a B+ publication by the CNCSIS since 2009. LESIJ is indexed in international important data bases (CEEOL, Index Copernicus, EBSCO CEEAS, VLex). LESIJ has become better known all over the world as it has been included in international scientific catalogues, such as: British Library, Intute Library, Catalog George Town etc. Last but not least, the most important studies on intellectual property law are published in the Romanian Journal for Intellectual Property Law, which is accredited by the National Research Council (Consiliul National al Cercetarii Stiintifice, CNCS) and indexed in the CEEOL database.
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